Good Food, Better Plants

A quick Google search for any restaurant returns mostly images of the food served within, not the plants outside.  However, for the last year or so, I’ve been thinking about the plants outside two specific restaurants that we tend to spend too much money and time at: The Original Ninfa’s and the Papa’s Bar-B-Que in Gulfgate.  I figure that these establishments spend a lot of money on landscaping, and I’ve noticed that they (and many other local eateries) use native species, probably because it saves them money on water bills and when they don’t have to replace the dead seasonal plants.

image from Yelp

First up is Ninfa’s, and if you haven’t been, you are missing an authentic Houston experience.  I like their trees, which seem to be desert willows, cypress, and sycamore (a tree I love for the bark and silvery leaves, but try to avoid because it’s messy).  They also arrange their beds creatively with color, and they use large pipes or drums for containers (like I posted about here).

all the images above were taken by me (yeah, I know, I’m no photographer)

image from Panoramio

And then there’s Papa’s.  The food is amazing, but I’ve always been interested in their cactus, succulent, and ornamental grass garden in the front.  This has been a long, dry summer, so the garden is less than perfect, but you still get the idea.

both images above were taken by me


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