Stacking Up

Did you know that all the new front-loading washers and dryers are stackable?  You just need a stacking kit, and you can buy one wherever they sell the appliances.  Does this blow your mind like it does mine?  I mean, why have we all been taking up double the space for our giant appliances when they could just be stacked up, saving valuable square-footage?  This is a revolutionary idea, people.

Below are some stacking options…the traditional laundry room route, the kitchen (probably what we’ll do), the bedroom (strange idea, and it would aid in my bad habit of not unloading the dryer…if it’s in your bedroom, it’s like a closet, right?), and I wrote about having the washer/dryer in the bathroom some time ago.

image from Young House Love

image from Stagetecture

image from Apartment Therapy

What’s more, Lowe’s and other big stores are presently trying to clear out last year’s models for 2012s, so the time to get a bargain on a washers and dryers is now.  Check out the prices below that I saw a few weeks ago…not bad!

both images above taken by me…yep, the girl with the camera in the home appliance section of Lowe’s…


One thought on “Stacking Up

  1. That’s what we were thinking in our kitchen! Hiding a stackable with cabinetry! But first we need a washer and dryer. Someday

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