Another One About Book Shelves

We know we want a room surrounded by book shelves…I’ve written about it here, here, and here.  We were kind of struggling with the idea of either building or buying all the book cases.  Either scenario would be costly: spend money for solid wood and possibly the labor of building the shelving, or spend the money for pre-made shelves that may bend and warp.

Luckily, we’ve found a solution.  This weekend, we spent hours and hours boxing up someone else’s books (instead of our own for a change), and we were pretty happy to do it, because the deal was that if we boxed up their books, we could have their shelving units.  It all started when our friends alerted us about a family trying to liquidate the estate of a lawyer and a librarian, so you can imagine the cool collection they built.  Once we showed up, we realized how many book shelves they had, and how great they were: seven feet tall and made of unfinished solid wood just waiting to take on the stain or paint of our choice.  These shelves were packed with books, and not one of the boards was sagging under their weight.  Taking the shelves (and, yes, quite a few of their books and records), was a win-win situation.  We took ten book cases, and that is far more than we’ll need to surround the walls of our future home office.

Our plan is to have our home designer actually work around our shelves.  For example, we’ll want horizontal windows over the top of the seven foot shelves, and maybe a vertical one between two shelves.  We’re going to work very hard to make the shelving units look like they are built in just right, and we’ll working on lighting them really well too.  Also, our new plan is to go very minimal on our furniture in there–just a couple of reading chairs and a rug to lay upon with a good book.  Paradise, right?

Below is a photo of record and CD storage…we’ll definitely be doing some of this in the office:

image from SF Girl By Bay

And this one below is a peaceful, modern library with just about the same furnishings I’m wishing for:

image from Small Eco Home book

3 thoughts on “Another One About Book Shelves

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