Difficult Decision #1

I’ve long-wished for a perch atop the studio where we can enjoy the only views Houston has to offer: that of the skyline and the bayou; but the fate of our roof deck is uncertain.  Building above the studio (or house) means that we’d have to address weight-bearing and water-proofing/drainage issues, as well as the stairs and materials to construct the deck.  All of this could add up to about $10,000, which is a significant chunk of our construction budget.

Our developer thinks we might use this money better inside the house and on a great ground-level courtyard.  She’s got a point, so this is a big, difficult decision that we’re going to have to make, although I’m not willing to make it until I climb up on a ladder and acutally see what I may or may not miss.

I also need to consider what makes a rooftop deck so attractive, or why I want it so bad…beyond the obvious view, that is.  I think I really like the cozy built-in feeling of the benches and planters that so many decks have (see the ones below).  It’s possible that we could achieve that feel on the ground.  It’s also possible that we could build the roof deck at a later date, either over the studio or somewhere else.  I’m obviously having a hard time letting go, so check out how great the rooftop spaces below look:

somehow all of the images above come from Remodelista…I usually try to mix up sources a bit better, but they’ve got the good rooftop stuff, I guess.

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