Full Sun

We may be able to steal a little shade from the neighbors’ trees, but we’ve got none of our own due to Hurricane Ike a few years back.  It’s pretty sad to see the stumps of giant oaks on the property, but I guess it’s better that they fell then than now.  We will plant new trees, and even splurge on some partially-grown ones, but it’s going to be awhile before they really shade our area.  In the meantime, we might as well embrace the full sun for a patio, like below:

image from Atomic Ranch

Above is an original patio on a mid-century home.  I love the squares of concrete, the built-in bench, and the courtyard feel.  The picture below feels like the modern equivalent.

both images above from Dwell…still cleaning out my old issues.

The steel-terraced yard above is so cool (we’re attracted to all that is rusty and industrial!).  The place below is making nice use of a small, sunny backyard, and a tarp for a bit of shade up on the deck.

image from Living Green In Style book

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