Fenced In

While thinking of setbacks, we need to think of fencing.  We’d like a fence that doesn’t hide the house, allows for some privacy, and keeps our pups safe.

I like the fence below, and I think I might like the house too, but I really can’t see it…that’s a problem.

image from Dwell

Instead, enclosing only part of the yard might work better (of course this will depend on our setback issue, because I don’t want to give up 25 feet unfenced…we’re working on this issue right now).  A lot of newer properties have the fences almost attached to the sides of the homes, which lets you better see the architecture (like below).

 image from Art Secure House

image from Arch Inspire

Another idea is to use some sort of material that would enable some viewing of the home, but still maintain some privacy.  The fences in the images below are made  with wider openings between the planks; I like the first one that uses concrete as well–we could totally combine our bottle fence idea with this.

image from Pinterest

image from Pathetic Boy


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