Mother Knows Best

We’ve had some success with dealing with the city about our setback issue, and while all is not settled just yet, I think we can be pretty confident that we’ll be able to build our house with the narrow 10 foot setback that we want to do.  When the city planner looks at the other houses and the lot sizes and then exclaims that it’s ridiculous that our street has a 25 foot setback, you know it’s probably a done deal.

I visited my parents over the weekend, and after explaining all the setback issues to them, my mom suggested that we just make the front yard more of a courtyard, since it’s going to be so tiny.  She said that little squares of concrete or pavers and small flower beds would be nice, and that we should avoid grass.  I don’t know that she reads this blog much, but she’s definitely reading my mind.  Below are some nice examples that fit mom’s recommendations:

both images above from Sunset

image from Bliss

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