Night Blooming

I’ve been intrigued with an “After Six” garden for years now (I wrote about it a bit here some time ago).  I recently came across the pages below in an old Country Living magazine, which was in another one of those piles that I’m cleaning out of my house. 

I love the idea of enjoying a fragrant garden in the evening, and having a set color scheme of white (because white is really the only color of flower you can see in the evening) would make choosing and buying plants really easy; it would just be a case of finding the best native night bloomers.



5 thoughts on “Night Blooming

    • Pass them on to me! I can’t believe I like that magazine, but it improved greatly when they brought Sarah Gray Miller on as the editor…I loved her with Budget Living–remember that one?

  1. No I don’t remember it. I know I can’t believe I like either. But I haven’t kept the old issues. I will be getting a subscription soon, so then I can give you the new ones.

  2. Moonflower has THE most beautiful scent and absolutely HUGE blooms. I’ve grown it in half shade quite successfully. Love it!

    (Ontario, Canada)

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