Fashion vs. Function

I love my developer and my architect, and I think they are geniuses.  I think they have created a beautiful home out of interesting materials that anyone would be proud to own, and I’ll forever recommend their services to others.  Honestly, I can’t even believe that we are about to begin construction on something so amazingly inventive.

But all that said, we will be the ones living in the York House, and things will have to be arranged conveniently so that we can live comfortably.  Fashion is great, but ultimately it’s about functionality in life.

Take our driveway issue, for example.  We are lucky to have a corner lot, which gives us a bit more room, as well as the option of having a driveway on either street…in fact, there are two driveways existing on the lot, so we can take our pick.  We would rather use the driveway that faces the side street than the busy one, because backing out of the driveway will obviously be a part of our daily lives.  Here’s the present configuration of our home on the lot (assuming we get the 10 foot setback):

It’s great, right?  It works so well in so many ways, but here’s the thing: the single-car-width driveway faces the busy street and leads to our front entrance.  If we used that back driveway as we want, we (and every guest) would have to walk all the way around the house to get to the front door.  Yeah, yeah, this is totally a rock n roll problem, but it’s an issue that we’d have to encounter every single day.

Here’s one way to address the issue…flipping the house (like a mirror image) and putting in a long sidewalk from the side street driveway:

Or, below is another option: we could turn the house 180 degrees (this was actually the original configuration of the house from way back).  Benefits include the ability to have a much wider driveway, less paths, but a drawback is that it compromises our yard space, and the patio off the master bedroom isn’t very private.

These are the types of decisions that will drive me to insanity.  Any thoughts?  Scrapping both driveways and starting with a fresh one isn’t an option I’m interested in, given the wastefulness of that, plus the extra fees we’d have to pay to get a driveway approved.  I’ve proposed these issues to our developer, and I can’t wait to hear her ideas.


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