Studio 53

We’re hoping for a 53 foot container for our studio/guest quarters because it would give a bit more room, but we may have to settle for a 45 footer instead, as newer 53s are hard to come by.  Either way, we’ll have more room than we currently do for artwork and guests.

We’re  in discussions with our developer about the configuration of the studio on the lot (similar to the driveway issue), and it’s basically about whether the studio should be set on the property line or whether it should have a separate entrance for guests.  Another rock n roll problem, but we like it on the property line to maximize our yard space and minimize spending on extra doors and pathways.  The plans below are based on a 45 foot studio with the front driveway, and things will change again if we use the back drive and a 53 foot container like we want:

It’s amazing how many decisions there are to make when constructing a home.  To keep my focus, I’m posting some nice studios I’ve recently come across.  The first image below is a tiny container studio, probably just 12 feet long, but it serves a purpose.  We’re considering getting a 12 footer down the road for a garden shed.

image from Pinterest

The images above and below from Jetson Green are really nice.  I like the wood siding (although we probably won’t use that on the studio).  I really like the pop-out windows below for ventilation, and the slatted awning is an interesting and inexpensive idea.

image from Inhabitat

The little building above was built from found wood, probably from crates.  I think it’s really pretty and would work well for a garden shed or a private retreat.


6 thoughts on “Studio 53

  1. I know it means more money, but I always like a separate entrance for quest quarters for privacy reasons. Casey’s parents’ house in Wimberley has a nice separate little guest bedroom/bath and I always appreciate having some time on my own there. I *wish* our house had something similar for parents/in-laws. I guess it’s just a matter of how often you feel you’ll host guests there. Either way, the idea is great and I’m sure whatever you decide will be wonderful.

    • Oh! There will be a separate entrance from the house–it’ll be the sliding glass doors. You can get in either the studio or guest quarters that way.

      We had considered an additional entrance on the other side of the container as well, but that seems unnecessary (2 entrances across from each other).

    • Si! He’ll have sliding doors that he can keep open, and an exhaust fan, but more is better, especially with oils.

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