Updates and Bumpouts

It’s a busy week for me: I’m trying to make a final push on getting the old house ready to sell.  In between painting the ceilings, tearing up and repairing our bedroom floor, and getting ready for a garage sale, I wanted to post a few updates on our container house issues.

The office shelving issues: we got what we wanted.  We will use the seven-foot shelves that we got for free a month or so ago, and our builder will install 18″ horizontal windows above the shelves for us.  We also came up with a good idea to fit our giant 6×4′ Herman Miller double-sided desk and display unit into that room as our divider–we’ll have an additional bumpout (a 2×6′ addition to the outside wall of the container) to fit it in the space.  The wall space around the corner of the bumpout could be a spot for a chair,wall space for art, or additional shelving.  It’ll look something like this (the Miller is the giant brown rectangle, the other shelving is in there too):

The setback issue: I have another meeting at the city this week, but it looks good for us!  We should have answers by the end of the week.

The driveway issue: our builder agrees that we should use the back driveway for our convenience, but she also thinks that the house is best oriented the way it is above, sideways on the lot, to show off the design, maximize our yard, and save energy on cooling (if we turned it, the front of the house, the most occupied, would face west toward the hot afternoon sun).  She’s suggesting we elongate our back driveway and use the sliding kitchen door as our informal entry, and have guests use the front existing drive and front door.  We’re still hammering this one out.

The studio issue: we’re backing the studio up to the property line, as we requested, to minimize cost.  This still gives guests a private place to visit, and it will still allow for plenty of ventillation in the studio with sliding doors, windows that can open, and a solar-powered overhead fan.

Things are really coming together and becoming more and more real.  To actually make this move happen, though, I need to get back to work on the old house!


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