Focal Wall

When you walk through the front door of our future home, you’ll see an expansive wall–the wall separating our living room area from our master bedroom.  We are considering how to make this wall interesting, how to make it worthy of the first thing you see.  A focal wall can be achieved with an unusual material, shelving, artwork, or even just color.  

In the Cordell House, our developer achieved an eye-pleasing wall with an opaque recycled plexiglass that actually changes colors with the light of the day:

image from Numen Development

We don’t want to copy that exactly (although we wouldn’t turn down something similar because it is gorgeous), so we are looking at other interesting materials like  this high gloss finish below:

image from Remodelista

I like the plywood paneling below because of the contrast it brings to a container home:

image from Pinterest

We could always line our wall with more bookcases:

Art is definitely a possibility, with either a gallery wall or one large piece:

both images above from Domino Magazine

Even color makes a statement, especially in a mostly white modern house or on a corregated container wall:

image from Apartment Therapy


4 thoughts on “Focal Wall

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