Sleepy Head

I’ve been exhausted lately…blame it on the never-ending heat and house fix-ups, the stress of putting our house on the market and beginning our construction process, or the new job I just started this week…whatever it is, it’s about change.  I welcome change (and all of these things are for the better), but it makes me tired.  All I can think of is sleeping in a new bed in a new house when it’s all over.

We’ll be upgrading to a king size bed for the new house, given the fact that we have at least one great dane sleeping with us each night, and we’ll need a new headboard.  I’m digging the simplicity of the ones below, and the contrast the wood and container will make:

image from Sunset

image from Apartment Therapy

The headboard above and the bed below appear to be made of wooden pallets, something easy to come by around here, and easy to reuse.

image from SF Girl by Bay

image from Beds-Headboards

The headboard above is from Ikea.  The shelves built into the unit are really cool, as they save space by eliminating the need for bedside tables.  All we’d need would be lamps, and this DIY idea from awhile back would be a cool addition.


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