Beginnings and Finishings

We had a productive meeting with our developer last night, where we discussed finishes over margaritas.  I toss around design and building terms like I know what they are, and sometimes I do, but I had to ‘fess up yesterday that I wasn’t exactly sure what “finishes” really meant.  It turns out that it’s almost everything you see inside and outside of the home.  Exterior cladding, roof material, doors, windows, interior wall boarding, flooring, door handles, bathroom fixtures…just about everything you can think of goes under the finishing category.  Our homework for the next two weeks is to investigate all the finishes and make some real decisions…so that will probably be my focus here for awhile.

I’m going to start with the bathrooms, because we got some great ideas about bathroom tiling in our meeting.  We’re going to try out a cool, wavy-textured white tile in the guest bath that our developer recently found and installed in a bathroom in California.  It’s surprisingly economical for the look, at about $3 for a 12×12″ square.  I’m not sure this is the exact brand, but it will look similar to this Ambra:

both images above from The Luxe Home

We’ll complete the bathroom with a narrow vanity (sink and cabinet) and a basic double-flush toilet (as cheap and green as we can get).

We’re going with small glass tiling from Modwalls in the master bath.  The colors are great,  and the look is really fun.  Below are my favorite, economical (below $8 for 12×12″) choices, and a cool bathroom shot of the tiles that may be my favorite color combination.

images above from Modwalls

The master will have double sinks on a cabinet and a matching toilet to the guest bath.  We’re also talking about customizing the shower shelving.  We’ll already have a bench, but we are considering cutting into our linen closet to create an inset shower shelf, like this:

image from Pinterest


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