On the Fence

A long time ago, I wrote about gabions, and, strangely, that’s the most popular post on this blog.  I wrote the post because I had been noticing more and more of these types of walls around, and I was starting to understand and like them.  I like the rough industrial feel of the wire, especially when it rusts, like below:

image from Studio Blog (a great post about gabions)

Apparently, I’m not the only one liking them these days…the other night at dinner, my husband announced that he and our friend are working on an idea of a gabion fence for our property that uses bottles in the cages, something like this:

image from Idex Studio

We had originally talked about a concrete-and-bottle fence, but the labor and expense of that fence made them consider the gabions, which are essentially chicken wire boxes (or you can make them or buy pre-made).  You can literally put anything into a wire box and call it a gabion.  Check it out:

image from TreeHugger

If this new idea comes to fruition, it’ll be combined with a horizontal wood fence (with plenty of room between the slats so you can see the house, but still maintain privacy).  Maybe something like this one:

image from Atomic Ranch


4 thoughts on “On the Fence

  1. We are currently make an 85 ft or so long retaining wall. We had the gabions shipped to us pre-made. They are 6ft long, 3ft wide and 3 ft tall. We are going to use stacked ledge stone for the front or exposed parts of the cages. Now the question is- what is the most economical way to fill them- I have driven around picking up free tires/ cement chunks/ broken cider blocks and pillaged our property of rocks of all sizes. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Ruthie, thanks for reading. I love your idea of filling the other cages with junk! Maybe head to a junkyard and see if you can buy material in bulk? Or how about lurking around the back of big box stores and gathering the wooden pallets they have discarded? (You could always ask first if you are unsure.) We plan to approach a local bar and see if we can take a bunch of beer bottles off their hands. There seems to be junk everywhere, and it could actually make an interesting-looking box.
    Where did you get your gabions pre-made?

    • Hi April, we purchased them from Midwest Construction products. I think they are out of Tennessee. We might try to do something funky like bottles or something @ the end of our country driveway- where we will put 2 gabion pillars on each side.
      My in-laws just returned from the Grand Canyon and at one of the museums there was grass growing over the gabion wall. I will try to send a photo when we complete our project!

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