Decomposed Driveway

Since we are starting from scratch on our lot, we figure we might as well construct and design everything in the greenest way possible within our budget.  We have existing entrances to our driveway from both streets, but they are essentially just bridgework over drainage ditches.  We’ve decided that when we build the actual driveway, it will be permeable, because it’s better for drainage and the environment.  With a permeable driveway, water can seep into the soil beneath the driveway material and be filtered, rather than run straight to the storm drain, out to the bayous, and on to the gulf.  Permeability can also help control the flooding problem that this city has.

There are different choices for permeable driveways (and I’ve written about them here, and more information is here), but in my opinion, the best-looking, easiest to maintain, affordable choice is decomposed crushed granite, which kind of looks like soil, but is  composed of little flakes and granules of broken granite.  It packs more firmly than sand and does not kick up like gravel, especially once it’s settled.  It can be tricky to mow and edge around, but there are some ways to alleviate this, including a spray that can almost adhere the granite, or surrounding the material with pavers or some kind of edge.

Decomposed granite comes in a variety of colors, but the dusty-pink color seems to be the most widely used.  I’m not sure what color we’d go with…that’s probably another budget question, and it’ll depend on our house colors.

image from Examiner

In the picture above, you can kind of see the pavers that line the crushed granite, and below it looks like they have larger rocks along the driveway.

Above is an interesting almost-white granite that really complements the architecture of the building.

Granite  looks pretty great with rusted steel borders, like above.

And it looks great above with free-formed pavers, or below with extra-large rectangular ones.

all images above from Pinterest


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