Hidden Passageway

Front doors are important.  We’ve lived with a beat-up, basic, ugly one for 10 years.  In fact, I just painted it last weekend for the first time, and I’m amazed at how much better it looks.  In the new place, we’ll try a little harder.  We have considered all-glass, and also the Crestview type with small modern windows (and these are still on our list, for sure).  But we are also looking at a front door that doesn’t necessarily look like a front door.

On the image of our house above, the exterior door seems to disappear into the siding.  We like this hidden-but-not look (it’s obviously the entry…the porch and inviting walkway will clue visitors in to that fact).  Right now we aren’t sure how to achieve it, short of a custom-built front door out of the wood cladding we’ll use, so ultimately this may depend on our budget.  It’s an unusual door idea, but I have found some instances of this in other modern houses.

The best example I’ve found of a camouflaged front door is on the concrete and teak home designed by Guillermo Radovich Arquitecto in Buenos Aires:

both images from Home and House Design

The door in the images below are made of wood and either blend or definitely complement the siding surrounding the doorway.   The bottom two use thin vertical and horizontal panes of glass, which is really nice for extra light in the entry.

image from Pic Homez

image from Materialicious

image from A Modern Blend


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