Kirei Board

While enjoying the first rainy weekend in months, I was able to catch up on some DIY shows (while cleaning and painting the ceilings of the old house, of course).

On two different shows, I saw the wavy tile we are considering in our bathroom, which must mean that 3D tile is a new trend (which probably means it’ll be cheaper, as bigger companies will start stocking it) and that it’s reliable to use.

I also saw a show called I Hate My Kitchen, where the designer used Kirei board to make a table.  I had never heard of this material before, so I was intrigued.  Basically, Kirei is constructed from the post-harvest stalks of the sorghum plant, which otherwise would be burned or thrown into landfills.  The stalks, straw, and wood strips are woven together and then bonded with formaldehyde-free adhesive, which makes a  strong, lightweight, environmentally-friendly and sustainable board that can be used for walls, cabinets, furniture, floors…pretty much anything indoors.   On the show I was watching, the designer applied a thick coat of glass-like shellac to the table they made of Kirei, to make it both water-proof and really beautiful.  See the close-up of the material, installation of a sheet, and a wall made of Kirei below.

all images above from Kirei USA

Now I’m wondering where we can use it in our new house.  Some ideas I have include: the sliding door into the guest bedroom, for any sliding closet door, for the focal wall in the living room (or magic wall, as our designer calls it), or even in place of some Medex on the interior container walls…


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