Window with a View

A container home’s interior doesn’t have to resemble the dark box it once was. Our new place will have a ton of light streaming in from custom-built, insulated polycarbonate aluminum-framed windows (that’s a mouthful). Our builder goes with custom aluminum because they can be fabricated to any size, and the polycarbonate is both super strong and super insulating. Most of windows will be horizontal (the length varies, but the height is usually 18-24”). We plan to orient our windows to reduce midday heat, but also allow daylight in strategic areas so that we basically don’t have to turn on the lights until dark.

Some will be placed high to light a room, like those in our office that will peek over the tops of our 7’ bookshelves, similar to these:

image from Pinterest

We’ll have a window running along our kitchen countertop that will function as our back splash, like this:

image from Trendir

We may also place horizontal windows along the floor of the container to entertain the dogs:

image from 2 Modern

We’re looking into windows that allow for passive ventilation (another one of those building terms—it just means windows that open to allow air flow throughout the house). While not all the windows will be operable, we think it’s pretty important to get fresh air when we can, like those that are opposite of our sliding back door.

The house below uses horizontal functional and non-functional windows for passive ventilation and style:

image from Home and House Design


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