A New Dimension

Merriann and Thomas, our good friends and soon-to-be neighbors, asked about the dimensions of our shipping container project.  We don’t have our exact building plan ready yet (that should be done in the next week, as it has to be completed to file for our construction loan); however, you can get a rough estimate of the dimensions based on the container sizes.

We’ll have three 45’ containers attached to one another.  We’ll be using “high cube” containers, and each is 8’ wide on the inside, and 9.6’ tall.  This means the house will be about 26’ wide, when you consider joints and room for insulation in the outer walls.  Because we are staggering the containers for design and to make use of their walls for interior rooms, it will be about 54’ long.  The total square footage of the house is 1116 (this includes the three bumpouts).

The studio/guest quarters will add another 360 square feet, which includes an 8×10′ bedroom, a 5×7′ bath, and the 8×25′ studio (with a closet or storage possibly built within).  This makes our project a total of 1476 square feet.

We’re currently living in 1207 square feet with 2 very small closets, and just using about 10×10′ of our garage for a studio space.   So, while our new home will technically be a small home, it will be a major upgrade in space for us, especially well-purposed space!


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