10,000 Thank Yous

Rock n Roll Problems hit 10,000 views over the weekend!  Thanks for following our project along the way!  Super exciting!  But we weren’t out celebrating…instead, we were chained to our old house tending to things that we should have done long ago, like finishing painting the windowsills and door outside, fixing a saggy floor in the bedroom, painting ceilings and walls, and packing and rearranging to de-clutter.  Visible changes are in full effect.  We won’t make our goal of meeting with the realtor tonight to get the house on the market, but I bet we’ll be ready after another weekend or two.

Here are a couple of things I would have rather been doing last weekend:

image from 2 Modern

Swimming in a pool made from shipping containers!  OK, how cool would it be to use a container for a pool?  It would be really deep, and you’d have to work hard to waterproof the inside lining to avoid rust, plus add a high deck to get in there and some kind of filtration, but it might be cheaper than a traditional pool, and definitely more unique.

image from Domino

Relaxing in a hammock, soaking up the best month in Texas weather.  The studio behind the hammock is pretty great too, with the little deck and bright door.


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