We’re required by the city to plant at least two trees on our lot (I think this is an awesome city ordinance), and we’ll invest in some nice-sized native shade trees, and then try our hardest to keep them alive in our never-ending drought.  In addition to our required allotment, there are some plants that I just know will make it into the landscape of our new home.

I love Italian Cypress.  I think it instantly gives height and interest, so it goes really well with one-story modern homes.  It seems to do well in our area too, so it’s definitely in the mix.

image from Pinterest

Below is Equisetum, although my friend calls it “horsetails.”  It may be everywhere these days, but that’s because it’s dependable and interesting.  It also looks great in contrast with rocks.

image from Flora Grubb

I took this picture outside Jus’ Mac, our local macaroni and cheese restaurant

And succulents…the kinder cousin to cactus.  I really can’t get enough of these little guys, thanks to an obsession started years back by our friend Gilbert.  They are great in pots, and I plan to plant the hardiest of my collection in the ground at the new house and see how they do.

image from Flora Grubb

image from SF Girl by Bay


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