Tradition vs. Translucent

We’ve been searching for the right material for our focal wall.  The big question is whether we should go translucent or solid material.  The benefits of a traditional wall are obvious, but there are some cool almost see-through products out there that will keep light bouncing around the house, and also maintain a privacy (as the wall will separate our living room and bedroom, and it’s not a container wall).  With this, we have to consider the texture (a corrugated material is too close to the feel of our container walls, so we want smooth), the design (solid colors will be easier to live with than obvious botanical patterns or busy designs), and of course the price…always the price.

Traditional or solid materials we are considering are kirei board or another wood siding, paint, wallpaper, metal, or art.  The assortment of translucents are below, starting with the inexpensive Polygal, most commonly used in greenhouses:

image from The Modern Home

image from Polygal North America

Below is Lexan, which comes in all kinds of colors and thicknesses, and is anywhere from $10-20 per square foot:

image from Flickr

Below is plexiglass, and I’ve been noticing these decorative panels all over the hospital where I work, with varying levels of privacy and patterns:

image from First BTOB

image from Preferred Glassco

And this is resin, which seems to be a little more expensive, but I really like the green below:

image from Ali Baba


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