If that isn’t a word, it should be.  Yesterday’s post about translucent walls made me think about other uses for these panels, as some types are as cheap as using wood in construction.  All of the panels (polycarbonate, resin, plexiglass, etc) are strong and durable, and many are suitable for the outdoors (although I’ve read that some white or clear panels can yellow in the sun, but others are treated to guard against discoloration).  Of course they can be used for shade, like the front porch images below:

image from So So Why

image from Apartment Therapy

The materials can also be used for fence panels, either framed with metal, wood, or a combination of both (like the last image below with the cool gate).  This is a really modern look, and something to be considered for our house, as we’re looking for privacy with a fence, but not wanting to completely hide the home, and we could obviously control the level of translucency/opaqueness with the panels we choose.

images above from Pinterest

image from Jeremy Levine

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