This post makes 150!  With 150 posts, I may be making a few changes, including using larger images starting today.  I’m also going to try to post four times a week, and one of them will be something we’re buying for the house or something I’ve come across that is on my wishlist.  Finally, we hope to have a bunch of pictures of the construction process on here very soon.

Other causes for celebration around here include getting our building and site plans to submit for our construction loan! We met our developer last night and the plans are so cool.  Our next steps include deciding on a contractor (we have a couple of things in mind), meeting with the city again about the setback variance and finishing that up, and heading to the bank to apply.  Another big development: we are meeting with our real estate agent next week to officially get the old house on the market!

Whew.  Like I usually do for the big number posts (like 50, 100), I wanted to show you the best new shipping container architecture I’ve seen lately…and trust me, I’m always looking:

image from Home in a Box

There are a lot of container cafes and shops popping up lately (including a future Kitchens on 14th food park in Houston).  It’s a good use of the material and probably cheaper to fabricate and operate than a regular structure.  Plus, if you own the box, you can easily pack up and move shop when you want.

image above from Pinterest

image from Busy Boo

There are also a lot of hotels and multi-family buildings being made with containers, like the gorgeous Japanese hotel above and the proposed apartments below.  It’s rumored that these multi-family container communes may be happening very soon in Houston too, both in the Heights-area and just north of there.

both images above from Inhabitat

And then, of course, there are houses.  The house above is a cool design with crossing containers in the middle of a neighborhood.  Below is a really beautiful house in the middle of the woods on a river (and they have a blog that chronicles the whole building process, so I’m guessing I’ll be reading all through that in the near future).

image from 8747 House

Below are a couple of great inside-outside shots that really give a good feel of the width and height of shipping containers.  Both houses use joined containers, and you can see the running silver plate that connects the containers in the bottom image, which is something I like a lot and you’ll see in our future home.

both images above from Home in a Box (check out this blog for tons more container construction pictures)


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