Future Perfect

When you drive down our street, this is what you’ll see in the very near future:

There’s the sidewalk with the pathway leading up to our front porch.  You can see the studio/guest quarters peeking out from the backyard.  The studio runs the length of the fence that you see.  Colors aren’t set yet, landscaping isn’t in place, and our fence isn’t there either.

Here’s what you’ll see when you pull into our driveway:

Our lot is on a corner, and there is no sidewalk on the side street, so you pull over the ditch onto our driveway and you are in the backyard area.  You can see the studio/guest quarters, the deck that connects to the house, and of course the house.  You aren’t seeing our fence, gate, or the covering that will at least partially go over the deck.  The angle at which the house and studio seem to be leaning are due to the 3D rendering program.

And here’s the basic site plan, which is pretty close to what I’ve been drawing for months now:

We are so close to starting this!  I can’t believe it and I can’t wait!



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