Sliced Wood Walls and Telekinesis

Oh boy…every now and then I get hit with an idea that I just can’t shake.  Something will come to me in passing, then again in the shower or in the car (where I do my best thinking), and then I’m reminded of it everywhere I look.  It’s almost like I’ve got the Stephen King Carrie telekinetic thing going on: I think it, and then it appears, and then—for me rather than Carrie, as it didn’t turn out so nicely for her—it becomes a trend.  (Sorry, it’s just after Halloween, and the spookiness can’t really be helped.)

[Update: this really is weird…did you see Color Splash this past weekend on HGTV?  Click here to prove my telekinesis.]

So is true with sliced log walls.  Don’t know what that is?  I can almost guarantee you’ll be seeing them everywhere before too long:

image from Apartment Therapy

In the midst of everything else that’s going on, I can’t help thinking about the focal wall for our house.  Our developer thinks translucent is the way to go because of the light bouncing around, but we’ve been exploring other options for privacy and art’s sake.  The privacy matter is obvious:  our bed will back up to the translucent wall, which means you can see me and I can see you when I go to bed early, and I always do.  Also, hanging art on a translucent wall is going to be an issue:  we don’t want to drill permanent holes in the wall (although we could suspend art from joists).  We also have to consider the other side of the translucent wall: because you can see shadows of whatever is hung or against the wall, you’ll see the outline of our bed from the living room, and we’ll see the shadows of the art and TV in the bedroom.

This tells me that we should either be thinking of a regular wall made of Medex (possibly spiced up with color or wallpaper) with art, or we should possibly another material that will also allow us to hang art and be attractive on its own.  I began thinking about all the mid-century homes that we looked at over a year ago to buy, and they all used wooden panels for focal walls.  We’ll have an interesting wooden floor going already, so regular panels might be overkill, but I do like the idea of wood for warmth and interest.  We’re presently considering kirei board for the effect, but I think sliced wood is an interesting option.  It’s also a potentially inexpensive and homemade option as well—we have plenty of logs that my dad would probably be happy to slice thinly, and then we could adhere them to the wall.

Check out the sliced wood walls below and tell me you aren’t beginning to love them…the texture, color, pattern possibilities (I especially like the mixed-sizes in the picture above, which is actually a walkway rather than a wall).

image from Bite Home

image from Style Files, originally from Martha Stewart

both images above from Pinterest


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