Studio Re-do

The past week has been full of studio/garage repairs at the old house.  We (OK, not really me too much, but I’m there for support) have cleaned up the inside, and we are at least half-way through patching the wood siding on the front.  This is a big move for us—the studio has been an eyesore since Hurricane Ike blew through, tearing off and warping the siding, and leaving a big mess of wet drywall ceiling on top of recently-created art.  That all kind of stung; therefore, we just didn’t have the motivation to do too much art in there anymore, and we certainly didn’t feel like fixing up the mess.   Things are looking better out there now, and it’s only going to help with selling the house.

In honor of the ongoing-but-almost-done repairs, and the bigger, brighter, better studio space to come, below are some creative spaces placed beautifully on their lots.

image from Build Blog

image from Remodelista

I love the greenery above, but my favorite studio is the one below.  The siding is great, as is the pathway and deck.

both images above from Jetson Green

I believe that’s the iHouse above with the cute red studio and roof deck.  Below is a row of studios made from containers!

image from Pinterest 


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