Smarter Than Your Average Barrel

Man, working on the old house has dried up my creative visions for the new one.   So let’s talk about water…water collection devices, specifically.  I mentioned that Moon Tower is considering some sort of water reuse, and we definitely are at our house as well.  You can read the full article here (thanks, Adam!), but below are some of my favorite collection devices that are far more interesting than your average rain barrel:

image from Inhabitat

Above is Cista, a decorate rain catcher that holds up to 100 gallons of water and also functions as a planter.

image from Seattle Times

Not quite as shiny as Cista, but pretty in its own right, the gutters on the buildings above have built-in planters.  As it rains, water irrigates the roots of the plants.

image from Treehugger

Finally, the super cute Vert has many functions.  It’s a vertical garden, a water collector, and it can be used as a screen with the movable boxes.  It’s also pretty technical, from Trendir:

The Vert is connected to a downspout; water then passes through a filter and is stored in an ample tank to water plants over an extended period of time. To prevent debris and mosquito larvae, the filter box contains a micron mesh screen. Cotton wicks pull stored water up – through capillary action – to nourish the plants. Any overflow from the tank is diverted back through the downspout.


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