On the Cusp

Our old house is officially for sale!  If you know anyone in Houston who wants a small house on a big piece of land for a small pricetag, let me know and I can forward the details.

We are exhausted from our last-minute repairs and cleaning, but we are completely relieved to have finally taken this big step.  If things work out just right (yeah, I know, when does that ever happen?), we will be able to strike a deal with our buyer to either have a long closing date, or to rent the house back for a couple of months while we construct the container house (we’ve been told this will take just a few months to build).  If things don’t work out perfectly, we may be bouncing around friends’ houses for a few months or looking for a short-term lease.

I’ve noticed some mixed reactions about us moving.  While most people know what we’ve been planning, others are confused as to why we would want to move from the old area, or why we would want to move to another house in the same city, or even why we would want to move to the new neighborhood.  I guess it’s all about needing a change.  Why does anyone look for a new job, new sofa, new paint color, or a new recipe for dinner?  Sometimes things get stale, and while the old option isn’t bad, there’s something better out there for you.  That’s where we are.  We’re on the cusp of something better for us, and it’s about time.


Oh, and I have to mention that my nephew, Ethan, is now reading my blog.  Hey, E!  You are the coolest about-to-be 6 year old in the world…love you!  And, just for for you, here’s a real house that was made from Legos!

image from Inhabitots


5 thoughts on “On the Cusp

  1. Hi April:

    Just started following your blog and love it. Where is your current house that is for sale? Also, what area are you doing your new house? I look forward to following the progress!

  2. Hi Ethan!

    Why would people be confused about you moving? That is so odd…. tell them to buy your house if they like it so much. Don’t let people scare you… I doubt they live in the area.

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