TreeHouse Visit

How often do you say you enjoy going to a home improvement store?  I go to an orange or blue one just about every weekend and dread it.  However, this past weekend was a different story.  We spent the weekend in Austin and we were lucky enough to visit out TreeHouse.  I had read about the store on JetsonGreen, so I was pretty excited when our friends told us it was right down the street from their house.

The store is a beautiful green and brown collage of rain barrels, eco-friendly building materials, solar panels, recycled goods, and other sustainable options.  My favorite area was a toss up between the kitchens and the floor and wall coverings.  Even more impressive, though, is that TreeHouse goes  beyond the usual big box ways by taking on some responsibility for its products and rating each item for performance, sustainability, health, and corporate responsibility.

I’m just hoping that it will make its way to Houston, as all good things do, because we could really use a place like this around here!

image from TreeHouse


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