Mirror, Mirror

Our friends recently painted their bathroom mirror frame to complement their décor, and it’s a fresh change, and one that I may never have even considered.  A bathroom mirror is one of those things that I just don’t think about; it’s something that is easily taken for granted, as it’s just there.

But what if it isn’t there?  What is the perfect bathroom mirror?  I think the perfect one would have to be a mirror and a medicine cabinet, as I’m always in favor of hiding things behind doors.  We bought our medicine cabinet/mirror combo just after we moved to Houston, because our apartment was lacking one.  We bought the cheapest model from Ikea, which has held up for almost 15 years, but it’s nothing great.  In fact, it’s too small and the shelves aren’t adjustable, which is just a pain.  Plus, it would be better if it was inset into the wall, rather than jutting out.

So maybe that’s it: the perfect mirror needs to be medium-sized (the mirrors that cover an entire wall kind of scare me in a funhouse kind of way), adjustable, and also a medicine cabinet.  I’ll add that I also like the simplicity of a frameless mirror because it seems to be timeless and it goes with everything.

image from Architects for Life

The mirror above is way too big, below is too specific and whimsical.

image from Homes-Design

image from Trendir

The medicine cabinet/mirror above is really cool in the way that it opens, but the simple one below is just right.

image from Kaboodle


2 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. I hate our bathroom cabinet. We have no mirrors in our bathroom either. I guess we have just become used to it.

  2. And that’s just our problem too…we become TOO used to things and then we aren’t motivated to change them. Starting fresh will be so good for us; cleaning out the house to sell has been good for us too!

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