What Happens Outside the Screen Door

We’ll have a big sliding glass door in our dining area that will open up to our back patio.  I specifically wanted this for our house because we entertain and cook outside a lot, and I can’t imagine having to walk from one end of the house to the other to get outside.  So, in turn, we’ll have an indoor/outdoor eating area.  When we are running in and out so much, and when it’s nice outside, I like to keep the door open, but that can be tricky with the bugs down here.  I was excited to see the Bug Off screen door below, that’s just a little bit cooler than the sliding one that usually comes with a glass door kit.  It’s removable (you can transfer it from one door to another as needed), and it automatically (magnetically!) closes behind you.

image from Busyboo

I found this screen door pattern (below) in a knitting book the other day.  I love the DIY idea, and it’s really pretty, but I wonder about the practicality.

 image from Leigh Radford

*Did anyone catch the Uncle Tupelo reference in this post’s title?  A favorite song of mine for sure!

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