Spreadsheets and Allowances

Last night we met with our potential and likely contractors, and it was pretty amazing.  Each step in this process makes the outcome more tangible, and last night was probably the most exciting event since receiving our house drawings.  The contractors were knowledgeable and they had a ton of suggestions.  While they haven’t built with containers, they’ve been in business for more than 30 years, and they do know their way around metal buildings, as well as the basics of building and costs.  In fact, one of them has always wanted to build a container home for himself, and he wants to use our house as his practice ground, which means that he’ll probably be willing to try new things and get them right.

The contractors are working to draw up a spreadsheet of items we need within an allowance to meet our budget, which they say is completely do-able.  The cool thing about the allowance is that if we don’t spend the allotted amount for, say, our faucet, then we credit that amount back to the general budget to be used elsewhere.  Talking money means that this is going to really happen…hopefully soon!


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