Green House

We’ve been discussing exterior house colors for a long time now.  We really like the house design that we’ve been staring at for a couple of months, with the gray containers and white Hardiplank and wooden accents, but I know this probably isn’t what we’ll end up with.  It seems like the area around the roof could be especially prone to getting dingy, so we are reluctant to paint it bright white because of the maintenance involved in keeping it that color.  Also, after meeting with the contractors and hearing what they had to say about the seams of Hardiplank showing and not looking so great with smooth white sheets, I pretty much made up my mind that white wasn’t going to work.  I’ve been thinking greens  would be nice, so I started looking back on this blog for my favorite color combinations, and came across this color palette from a while back:

I really like the greens above, so I found a favorite house of mine with very similar colors and applied its green and grey  shades to the model of our house and came up with this:

I like the understated green-grey at the top of our house, and it seems like a good color to weather the elements.  The seams of the Hardi sheets on the second floor of the home above don’t show too obviously; I probably wouldn’t have even noticed them if the contractors hadn’t started me thinking about seams to begin with.  Plus, all these colors fit right in the color palette I made, which means they’ll look great with my terracotta pots (which is almost the same color as crushed granite that we’ll use for the driveway and probably in the landscaping) and the purple-y tree or accent plants like native grasses.  I’m liking this more and more…


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