Keep Off the Grass

Our contractors reminded us last week that although we see grass on our lot today, it won’t be there after they are done building the house.  I’ve written before about not wanting grass all over the yard, but the contractors made me realize that it might be a lot easier to start from scratch (or dirt) and build our entire landscape around it.

Of course we want grass for the dogs in the backyard.  To maximize the grassy area in the back and to give us a bit more privacy, it would be nice to bump our fence to the front property line, like below:

This led me to thinking about some of my favorite mid-century houses we looked at last year while trying to buy; many of them had a courtyard feel in the front.  With the orientation of our house on our lot, we could totally achieve a really inviting, unusual look for the front using decomposed granite, concrete, native plants, and our fence (which, for reality sake, is probably going to be horizontal-slatted cedar around the property, with an accent at the front constructed from either concrete and bottles or gabions filled with bottles).

I paired some of my favorite photos previously posted on this blog along with the design I’ve been toying with, and came up with this:

I’m really, really excited about the look.  I think it can be worked into our budget.  And, worst case scenario, if we can’t afford it immediately, we can work most of the elements in and save up for the rest for the near future.


4 thoughts on “Keep Off the Grass

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