Vanity of Vanities

In searching for the right vanities for our bathroom sinks, I began thinking that I just want something similar to a kitchen cabinet…so why not just use a kitchen cabinet?  They are generally built with more options (drawers, pull-out organizers, etc.) and are probably able to withstand more wear and tear than a bathroom cabinet that is used less frequently.

It turns out that a lot of people are already doing this with Ikea cabinets, and that’s what we’d probably use anyway.  The only drawback that I’ve read about is that kitchen cabinets are generally taller and wider than bathroom vanities.  The height doesn’t concern me, as we are tall people anyway (and many have suggested solving this by suspending the over-the-fridge cabinets from the wall at the regular height).  The width might be an issue, but that would be based on our house plans and how much room we have allotted for the vanity size.

The bathrooms below look pretty great, and I don’t think you’d even realize that they are kitchen cabinets:

image from Pinterest

image from Ikea Hackers

I’ve used this image before, but I love the use of two different types Ikea cabinets, especially to add a little color.


5 thoughts on “Vanity of Vanities

  1. Saw your post on Moon Tower-Inn. Sounds like you are building this here in Houston? We would love to learn more about your process and progress.

    • Hi Ryan,
      Yep, building in Houston, and pretty much everything that’s happening with the future container house is on this blog. We haven’t broken ground yet, but we’ve got our land and we’re just waiting for our old house to sell. Super excited to get going on this, and excited that our soon-to-be neighbor Moon Tower is building with containers too!

      • I’ll keep my eye on it. I was a contractor for a number of years in Oregon, where green building has a lot of followers. However, my wife and I just relocated to Houston. Glad to see there are some similar interests in Houston.

  2. Welcome to Htown! I think there are lots of interesting green initiatives popping up lately…did you see the article about small houses in the Chronicle this weekend? It’s a good time for our city.

  3. Thanks! That’s good news. I did read the article and was thinking about forwarding it and a link to your blog to some friends back in Oregon who are thinking of going small and/or building with containers.

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