Wall of York

I’m thinking of budgets right now as we wait for the price breakdowns from our contractors.  I know that we’ll have lots of opportunities to scrimp and save in some places in order to throw money into others.  We’ve talked a lot about our focal wall—the wall you’ll see when you walk in the door that separates our living room from our bedroom (the big 14′ one below).

It isn’t a container wall (interestingly, one of the only walls in the house that isn’t container), so it’ll have to be constructed out of something.  I’ve talked about translucent panels, Kirei board, and sliced wood.  This seems like an area that we could spend or save quite a bit of money, depending on our choice.  A painted or wallpapered wall will probably fit our budget best (and leave wiggle room for other projects), and  we can accent the wall with our art, but there are other options out there that might help us save money.

We could easily achieve the wood wall look by reusing plywood from crates, or by using the slats of pallets.

both images above from Freshome

If we had a cool collection of something, like the type blocks below, we could display that on the wall.

image from Paper N Stitch

We could actually commission artist friends to either paint or make an installation out of the wall and possibly have a rotating exhibit in our house (loving this idea).

image from Fox Interiors

I also like the idea of bringing something natural into the room, with plants or moss (although we’d have to be careful to not ruin the wall behind or the floor with watering, which is why the air plants below would be good–these plants thrive in bright light with a little moisture and no soil, and they are mounted on steel braces that just nail into the wall).

image from Flora Grubb

Wall of York?   Post titles are tough to come up with…see here for the historical significance, and here for the personal.


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