We’ve been working through our spreadsheet of decisions for the house and I realized that we haven’t thought too much about our driveway gate.  If we’re going to fence the property line, we’ll have to gate the driveway to keep the dogs inside.  I’d love to go fancy and get a solar-powered gate that slides to the side, but if that doesn’t make the budget cut, we could plan to wire it up later, and push it open until that happens.

image from Sears

So, I started looking at traditional metal gates (like the one above).  Then I looked at steel gates because I like the rusty patina and the reference to our steel house (like below), but it hit me that neither of these would really mesh with the overall look of the property.

image from Access Control Sonoma

Therefore, I want the driveway gate to look like the wooden fence, just so everything blends, retains privacy, and doesn’t detract from the architecture of the home.

image from Best Pictures Of


image from Denver Fence



One cool feature that we could try to incorporate would be using the concrete and bottle structure for the fence posts (instead of the plain concrete ones in the image above) to mount the gate, which would tie in to the front courtyard of our house.


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