Step Into My Kitchen

We decided awhile back that we were going Ikea for the kitchen and that we really like the two-toned cabinet look.  We know that we’ll have a galley kitchen with a wide doorway and a counter/bar area.  Playing with Ikea’s kitchen builder program, we’ve come up with a couple of possible arrangements.   Yes, they are similar designs, but there are some differences between the two.  Step in to my kitchen…

Above is a pretty traditional layout with Abstrakt high gloss white on top, and Nexus brown on the bottom.  We will mostly use drawers for the bottom and we’ll have a pull-out pantry near the window (at the far end of the kitchen).  Directly across from that pantry will be our washer and dryer, and then there’s an obstruction (it’s the closet in the guest bedroom), and our fridge will sit next to that.  Obviously, you won’t see the backs of the cabinets and fridge (there will be a wall there), and the counter at the bar will overhang a bit too so that we can push stools up to it.  Another cool feature is that our backsplash will be a long horizontal window, like this.

Below is the same set up, except that the upper cabinets are arranged differently.  This arrangement has cabinets going all the way up to the ceiling (which I like better, as that area above your cabinets is just gross…go check if you don’t believe me, it’s a grease and dust magnet).  Also, the Abstrakt high gloss cabinets are kind of arranged in a puzzle pattern, like I first saw here.  It gives us quite a bit more storage and probably ups the cost a bit too, so we may have to wait and see what the final verdict will be.

I’m excited about this.  I think either design would be pretty great, and just about the same amount of storage we currently have.  With the newer cabinet features, like pull out pantries and drawers for pots and pans, either design would utilize our space and meet our needs better than our present kitchen.


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