Better Days Ahead

Holidays + old house + new house = major stress.  Here are some updates…

The old house has been on the market for about 6 weeks and we’ve had at least 25 showings, 2 non-serious offers, 1 serious one without proper funding, and another real one that’s in the works now.  We should know later this week if it shows promise.  The newest offer is especially attractive, because it allows us to rent back from the buyers until our new house is complete.  Unfortunately for us, but not for the dogs because they loooove riding in circles in the car as people scout out the house, the realtor showings will continue until the contract is nailed down.  It seems that our house is definitely attracting interest, so it will sell soon enough.

The container house is still moving along.  We should hear later this week about our structural review and our construction budget.  With this, we can finally get to the bank for the loan (which worries me, not because we won’t get the loan, but because loans take forever to get).  We’ll begin building as soon as the old house has a solid contract on it.  We’ve been told the new house can be built in about 3 months, but I’m guessing it’ll take more like twice that with the loan delay and everything else that can happen.  We’re still on track to move in before summer really sets in, and that’s the real goal!

We’ve almost completed the city’s ridiculously complicated variance packet (yes, we are still trying to appeal the setback issue).  So far I have 23 pages of documentation for the packet about why we should be able to build at 10 feet instead of 25…I expect to add at least another 20 pages to it, as I have to include every property record within a 500-foot radius of our home.  Seriously, I’m thinking this is a test: it’s not what’s inside the packet, but that you actually complete it that matters.  It feels like grad school all over again.

So that’s where we are as 2011 closes and the better, brighter 2012 begins!


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