Fence Window

Last weekend we visited our old friends in the new neighborhood, and we were lucky enough to meet more future neighbors while we were there.  In talking about moving, houses, neighborhoods, and dogs, the new neighbors mentioned a fence they had seen built especially for a Great Dane.  Apparently, the dog had a habit of jumping up and down along the fenceline to see what was happening outside, so the owner built a special window for the dog to look out at his eye- level.  The window was just a rectangular cutout framed to look nice.  What about the dog biting someone from the fence window?  That could be a concern, but no one should stick their hands inside your fence anyway.

We love this idea and we might try it out at the new house…the cutout on the fence could totally mimic the long horizontal windows on our house…ooooh…  Some examples of fence windows are below:

image from Mama Tango

image from Dog Window

image from Colorfly Studio


2 thoughts on “Fence Window

  1. In the second picture, you could put some sort of wire fencing (something stronger and nicer than chicken wire) over the rectangular cutout to keep curious hands out while letting the pet see out.

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