Fun with Plumbing. Really.

We had an exciting outing last weekend…we went to a plumbing supply store!  Really, it was far better than it sounds because, for once, we weren’t buying new parts to replace broken parts at the house; we were looking for faucets, handles, knobs, and fixtures for the new house.  Our contractors recommended Lighting Inc., which, despite the name, has a little bit of everything for the home.  It was pretty cool to be able to touch the goods and hear an expert tell her opinion on the different fixtures (not to mention her getting really excited to show us modern bathroom options, rather than decorative brassy ones, as she says most of her customers like).  While the store may be a little high end, it gave us an idea of what to look for on sale or in similar styles.

If nothing else, we learned our style (modern or contemporary, of course) and our finish preference (not chrome because of fingerprints on the shiny surface, rather stainless steel or nickel):

We decided that we’d like both a rain and hand-held shower system for the master bath, but we’ll skip the side jet body soaker things that just seem a little uncomfortable:

image from Millennial Living

In the guest bath, we’d like a “builder’s special” Jacuzzi-type tub, something on the smaller and cheaper side, like this:

image from Quality Living

Interestingly, our salesperson recommended that we stay away from vessel sinks in the bathrooms, or that we at least choose one with more substantial sides (like the sturdy one below), as the thinner ones can crack.

image from Materials and Sources

I still want faucet and handles coming directly from the wall, but we found some cool ones that could be mounted on the sink deck too, like the one in the picture above.

And toilets…we looked at a super cool one that was wall-mounted (like the one below), but it was probably too expensive for us.  Instead, I’m guessing we’ll go for a basic dual-flush model.

image from Toilet Pan

One of the best parts about the store is that they also have doorknobs and hardware, so we were able to see the straight, smooth, modern handles we want to install throughout the house, something like the one below.

image from Emtek

The salesperson told us that you can just add a deadbolt to make a cheaper combination for the front door.  She also told us about keyless entry locks and handles that light up when you are in the restroom, but we’ll skip those luxuries for now…

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