Option Pending

Option pending! Option pending! Option pending!  If you’ve ever had any experience with buying or selling a house, you know what this means…there is a real offer on the old house, and it looks good!  We can’t be sure of anything until papers are signed at closing on February 28 (I’ve learned that optimism and real estate don’t really mix), but this is excellent news.  Because of the online status change of the house, we can expect fewer showings, hooray!  And there’s more: the people who want to buy will allow us to stay in the house and rent from them until the construction of the container house is complete, a huuuuge convenience to us.  They are nice people who are excited about buying and remodeling an old house, which isn’t what I thought would happen at all…I figured someone would knock it down as soon as we backed out of the driveway.

The new house is coming along too, with all the structural information now available to the contractors who are currently working on a bid, and when we have that, we can head to the bank.  Since we won’t begin construction until the old house officially closes, we should be right on track.  Amazing.


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