Car Container

Garages are huge.  The average size of a 2-car garage is 20×20’.  In the old house, we aren’t using our garage as a garage; it’s an art studio.  In fact, in all of our years in Houston, we’ve never had covered parking, but we’ve noticed that the effects of the sun eventually become obvious on a car.  Because of this, we’ve been thinking about the addition of a carport to our property (yes, this is a total rock n roll problem).

We have a 20 foot container at our disposal (a friend was using it for storage), and we’re thinking that we could use that container as a drive-in carport if we cut out the front wall like this:

image from Home in a Box (altered by me)

We would need to add an awning to completely cover the cars, as the container is 20×8’, and our cars are more like 15 feet long.  The additional awning could come from the cut-out piece of container, and it could be supported by either poles, steel beams, or some sort of welded armature that would negate the need for poles.  I’m thinking it could look something like this:

image from Cube Me (and  altered by me to make a carport instead of a pool cabana)

Ideally, we would have a narrow closet built into the carport where we could store our lawn and garden tools and supplies (because otherwise we’ll have to carve out space in our studio/guest container for these things, and I hate to sacrifice any more room in that space).  I like the idea of keeping the original container doors as the opening to our storage space like the first cut out picture above; it preserves the industrial feel of the container and it is completely functional.  Drainage, foundation, and flooring are all things to consider, as is keeping the carport container rust-free.

A 20′ container could easily fit on our lot, but figuring out the driveway space with the existing back drive is a little bit tricky…


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