Trending: Shipping Container Architecture

If you aren’t from Houston, you might not get the references in the “Sh*t Houstonians Say” video produced by Houston’s Culture Map, but it’s worth pointing out that they mention shipping containers at about 1:22: “It’s OK, I guess; it would be cool if it were built out of shipping containers.”

I’m excited that the rest of the city is excited about containers!  More container architecture means that permitting gets easier, banks are more willing to loan on these projects, and the average person understands what you mean when you say you are building a home made from shipping containers!


One thought on “Trending: Shipping Container Architecture

  1. Classic! As always, enjoying the blog. April, send me a msg directly – I’m working with a client in your neighborhood on a container project and had a couple of questions and info you might find very interesting. Thanks!

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