Slowly But Surely

Somehow things are coming together for us, slowly but surely.

The status of the old house has been changed online to “Sale Pending,” but we are disappointed that there isn’t a big SOLD sign in our yard…maybe they don’t do that anymore?  Either way, we’re set to coast until closing at the end of this month, so all is really good for us.

We have paid our fees to the city and posted our variance signs at the new lot, which garnered a lot of attention—several cars circled the block to see what we were up to, others waved at us.  I’m thinking that the neighborhood will welcome our new house…it’ll certainly be an improvement over our weed-filled vacant lot below:

Speaking of the new neighborhood, we visited the organic farm down the road yesterday; today I’m headed to the neighborhood meeting to hear about a new food co-op in the area.  Both of those things are immensely positive to me.

image from The Last Organic Outpost

The new house construction is moving along on paper.  The contractors have had a lot of practical suggestions, and a few structural things have changed, like the roofs of the house and the studio will be connected to share an HVAC system (saving us money).  We should get our final bid this week, which will still get us moved in before the real summer heat begins.

I’ve been busy and stressed and not posting here as often as I should, but somehow the amount of people coming to this blog is growing steadily.  I’ve found that if Apartment Therapy or Pinterest mentions you by name, a shocking number of people will begin follow, so big thanks to those sites.  As soon as I can catch my breath, I’ll figure out a new strategy for posting that works with everything else in my life because every day the process of building this house is becoming more real!


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