Sushi Design

Who would have thought that a sushi restaurant could inspire my house design?  OK, back that up…who would have thought I would eat sushi or be interested in a restaurant that serves it in the first place?  (Yeah, I was a picky kid and young adult, but I’m branching out these days.)  Uchi is new to Houston, and although I haven’t been inside, I’ve seen enough pictures to make me want to make reservations right away.  Admittedly, I’m more excited about the décor than the food, but still.

I think Uchi has presented an awesome idea for our focal wall, the long wall that separates the living room from the master bedroom that could be a budget-buster (think expensive translucent panels) or a total bore (plain, painted Medex) unless we figure something out.  Seeing the pictures below in the Houston Chronicle made me think back to previous ideas of sliced wood walls or paneling…but this might be even better and potentially very affordable:

It looks like Uchi is using their stacked wood to separate dining areas without an actual wall behind it.  I want a real wall in the house (hello, this is the wall between the living room and bedroom), so my idea is a little different: paint the wall a dark, rich brown, and then stack the boards up the wall with the randomly-placed spacers, like Uchi did.   Our boards could be more narrow than theirs, like 1×2″, and they could be as long as we could find—the wall is 14 feet.  With this method, we could still hang art on the living room wall, and the bedroom-side of the wall could just be painted.  This could even be a project for after we move in, or one to get my dad involved in…ah, the possibilities…


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