The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

I feel like we are constantly waiting for something to get this project moving.  Really, we have been waiting on one thing or another for two years now, if you count our unsuccessful attempts to buy a house.  We waited to find the time in our busy schedules to get the old house in order, and waited for it to sell, and now we wait for the close date.  We wait to get all of our documents together, we’ll wait for the bank to approve a loan, and then we’ll wait for the construction of the home.

Mostly, we can’t wait to move in to the new house and starting afresh.  We’ll get to enjoy our city more living downtown—baseball games and soccer games are a short walk away.  We’ll get to use public transportation to go to work, rather than fighting traffic and paying to park; we may even get to ditch one of our cars.  We’ll be able to kayak and walk our dogs along the bayou and trails.  We’ll be closer to friends when they want to go out to nearby bars and restaurants, eliminating a lot of our excuses to stay home.  But even staying home at the container house will be a more pleasant experience, as it will be built around our wishes and needs.  Really, we are so ready for these changes.

It was difficult making the decision to buy a lot and build, and it was complicated to work out the financing.  It was strenuous fixing up our house, and it was not easy showing and selling the house.  But, really, the waiting is the hardest part of all.

One thought on “The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

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