Stacking the Deck

Decks and patios are important if you want to enjoy your backyard.  We cook and eat out on our deck, and our dogs like napping there in the sun.

We are most definitely building a deck that connects our house and studio/guest quarters because it increases our living space, and it makes running from one to the other a lot more convenient and less messy (especially in the rain…oh, the muddy footprints I’ve dealt with for the past 10 years).  We’ve played with different ideas for the deck…first a basic rectangle, then a triangle, but I think it’ll probably end up as an L-shape to mimic the house, and to give us maximum space for patio furniture and a grill.

While I wish we could go with a more environmentally-friendly material, like a recycled plastic composite or even cedar to match the house trim, our budget will probably only allow for traditional pressure-treated lumber (the only part that makes me feel slightly better about this is that the known carcinogens were present in treated lumber were removed in 2003 in favor of less toxic preservatives).

Below are some great decks…

image from Inaluxe

The decks above and below are really simple–pressure-treated lumber in rectangular forms, but both connect the home to outer structures (and how gorgeous is that house below?).

image from Apartment Therapy

image from Hernando House 

A tree growing through a hole in the deck is so cool.  I imagine usually decks are built around an established tree (like above), but it would be possible to plan your deck around a new tree too if you allow a large enough hole for growth (like below):

image from Trendir

image from Studio G

I’m totally charmed by the small yard off the big deck above.  The green grass looks so lush that I just want to explore.  The deck below is really interesting too with the different layers.  This would be a nice complement to our future front entrance with the stacked concrete blocks.

image from Sunset

image from Pinterest

Interesting structures can be built into a deck to make it even more livable, like the flower boxes above, or the awesome lounge chairs below.  I’m hoping to at least build a good bench along the edge of our deck for extra seating.

image from Inhabitat

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